Who Are Storm and Jinjee?

Who Are Storm and Jinjee?


stormStorm Talifero, a true long-term, raw-vegan anti-aging phenomenon, is a 61-year young baby boomer. He has been raw for over 35 years and looks like he is only 35 years old! His journey has seen him through the lean, skinny days of early raw-veganism and through the rebuilding of a body-builder’s physique through his own version of a 100% raw vegan diet called The Garden Diet. His favorite saying is Fresh is Best!

Storm is an extreme athlete, sailor, mountain-climber, cyclist, and a champion at mixed martial arts, fencing, and swimming. He maintains a rigorous work-out schedule and a pure organic raw vegan diet. He does not use supplements, super foods, dried or dehydrated foods or powders, but maintains that the best source of usable nourishment is directly from the freshest organic raw fruits and vegetables available!

Storm is also a fine artist, craftsman, architectural designer, and film-maker. He is currently working on his new documentary film “B.A.D., The Black American Diet”.

Storm has been eating The Garden Diet for 40 years, our children have been raised on it, and we’ve found ways to make it fun, easy, nutritionally balanced, and delicious! We are able to get all the nutrients we need, including the essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, macronutrients, enzymes, calories, and even protein and vitamin B12, directly from fresh organic produce, and the simple recipes we make with these ingredients.

Storm’s Blog


jinjee before and after raw food garden dietJinjee Talifero is a 44 year young mother of five very healthy and intelligent children…and she still has her figure and her health.

As a raw food mom, Jinjee knows a lot about the pitfalls, challenges, short cuts, tricks, do’s and dont’s of the raw food diet.

“Eighteen years ago I was overweight, I had candida, acne, chronic fatigue and depression, and an undiagnosed lump the size of an egg under my arm. All this at 26 years of age! And when I started eating The Garden Diet the lump went away, my mood became lighter, I became athletic, and my skin glowed to the point where people don’t even notice the fading acne scars that once stood out horribly. I lost 45 lbs. in 4 months, and have kept it off for 18 years so far! My skin is tight on my belly even after losing all that weight and having my five home-birthed children!

We started these Programs because so many people think they need expensive supplements and superfoods to be healthy on a plant-based diet. These items have a long shelf-life and are often addictive, which is why they line the pockets of those who sell them. But they do very little, if any good at all for you, and some of them are even extremely harmful, and can prevent the absorption of real nutrients!

But there is a way to eat a raw, vegan, plant-based diet and thrive! Storm helped me to do it, and now we will help you to do it too! Take the guess-work out of raw foods with our menu plans which have been tried, tested and optimized over 40 years!”

Jinjee’s Blog

Storm’s Blog

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