Design a Raw Lifestyle to Meet Any Health Goal!

Is improving your diet or losing weight one of your goals for 2012?

The Garden Diet’s new Raw Empowerment Program will help you make sure you attain it—deliciously!

The Garden Diet is a raw, plant-based diet centered around nutrient-dense fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. There are no dehydrated foods, superfoods or supplements involved. We simply share practical information based on our combined 60 years of experience eating a fresh, organic, raw, vegan, plant-based diet.

The Garden Diet is naturally rejuvenating, anti-aging, and healing, and helps you reach your ideal weight, without counting calories or suffering from cravings!

 The Garden Diet is an effective prevention diet and health-producing lifestyle for almost everyoneeven pregnant and nursing mothers, athletes, and children of all ages. When you eat how Nature intended, you simply return to your natural shape, and maintaining a healthy weight and energy level becomes almost effortless.

The Garden Diet has helped thousands of people over the last 14 years to achieve lasting health.

Whether you want to lose weight, prevent aging, or improve your health and energy levels, The Garden Diet’s new Raw Empowerment Program completely supports you to GO RAW and STAY RAW, with one of our four menu plan systems…

  1. Basic Raw Weight Loss - for anyone who wants to release weight
  2. Low-Carb Raw – a no-fruit menu plan for anyone with sugar sensitivities to start out on
  3. Protein-Packed Raw – for athletes, people looking to gain weight, pregnant and nursing moms, and children too.
  4. Balanced Raw – for healthy adults who just want to enjoy a delicious anti-aging raw diet for life!

Members have access to ALL FOUR menu planning tracks, so you can adapt the REP to meet your changing dietary and health goals, and fine-tune your diet and exercise plan to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Follow the one-week menu-plans above for as long as you like and then use our REP Guide (included) with over 120 raw recipes (and growing!) to fill out your REP Menu Planners (included) using our proprietary System of Raw Recipes by Category for each of the Four Tracks! Use our guided process to learn to create unique raw menu plans and shopping lists that specifically address your unique lifestyle, needs, and goals! This is an education that makes all the difference for thriving successfully raw long-term!

The additional training videos, regular e-coaching, and group support will make certain that you stick to your 2012 health goals—and even enjoy doing it!

EVERY MONTH, members of the Raw Empowerment Program (REP) receive:

  • New 100% raw vegan recipes with delicious, seasonal meals to add to your menu plan and help you stick to your dietary goals
  • Weekly audio classes that will teach you about nutrition, food substitutions, and other subjects that will help you transform your eating habits and your health
  • 1 raw food preparation video appropriate for the season and phase of the program
  • 1 workout video featuring low-impact, seasonal exercises you don’t need special equipment to do
  • 1 monthly teleconference on topics like Raw Foods on a Budget, Digestive Issues, Emotional Detox, and more
  • Coaching emails with workout motivation, inspiring and educational reading, and journal exercises to help you stay physically and mentally fit on your health journey
  • Membership in our private forum where you can ask questions, blog your journey, and be part of a strong support network of REP community members!

Developed over a period of 40 years by 62 year-old raw vegan chef, athlete, and anti-aging phenomenon, Storm Talifero, Raw Empowerment Program recipes are simple, highly nutritious and incredibly tasty. These recipes are unlike any raw food recipes you have ever tried before! Read what some of our Program Participants have said about The Garden Diet!

Try 12 months of the Raw Empowerment Program today for only $325.

Start your raw journey here!

Let us empower you to be successfully raw in 2012!

Still unsure? Try before you buy!
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